Multi-disciplinary design combines an empathetic and curious way of seeing the world with rigorous methods of observation, ideation, and production.


A Southern California native, I consider myself an optimist, a student of life, and a designer. I thrive in ambiguity, learning, exploring, and executing on facinating ideas. I've worked for big tech companies, small start-ups, and small business owners and realized that design is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. It can bring abstract ideas to life, captivate the curious, and convince the hesitant.

I'm passionate about working on projects that move society forward. Designing and building tools for utilitarian sake and not merely for mindless consumption. Most importantly, I love working with good humans. We're not here for long on this earth, so we might as well make the best of it. 


2022 - Present

Head of Design


Leading all things design for a small fully remote (but based in LA) startup. I have been defining and building a brand around bringing blockchain technology to the masses while designing both a best-in-class enterprise tool and an intuitive, disrupting consumer app with the best team in the biz. 

2007 - Present

Stephen Calvillo Design

Owner / Designer


I've had the pleasure of working with a variety of new businesses who want to create momorable brands, build startups, and more. It's allowed me to work on a variety of applications, industries, and people.

2018 - 2022

Staff Product Designer

San Francisco

When I joined Lyft, their vehicle rental program was expanding and both HQ and Operations employees needed tooling to manage and maintain the growing fleet. From fleet management, to vehicle inspections, to driver support queues, the tooling needed to be built from the ground up. I created a system and designed the foundation of more than 4 different internal tools while collaboratively working with cross functional partners and other designers across Lyft to come up with a consistent framework for operational tooling. I lead vision workshops to help the team understand where we were headed and how we can get there which directly influenced product roadmap. I also was an active mentor in the mentorship program every year.

2015 - 2018


Senior Product Designer

San Francisco

When I first joined LinkedIn, I worked on a startup within the company that's objective was to both increase content on the platform, as well as help orgtanizations realize the importance of employee advocacy. After a few years I transitioned to work on LinkedIn Sales Solutions where I designed products and features for sales professionals. I ran design sprints and was a part of large initiative projects for executives at both LinkedIn and Microsoft. I was a mentor for two years for two intern turned full-time designers.

2012 - 2015



Los Angeles

Fullscreen was a full service talent management agency, produced original content, and developed digital products for digital influencers. I initially worked on the brand design team where I created visual assets for our top clients as well as developed the overall brand identity with the rest of the team. After a few years I transitioned into product design where I worked on tooling to help creators distriburte their content across channels as well as understand their monetization. The last year or so was spent working on a subscription video on demand platform for the demographic of our creators. 

2009 - 2012

Intern / Graphic Designer

Los Angeles


Currently in

Long Beach, CA

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