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During my time at Fullscreen I worked with a team of designers to create a web and mobile experience for a subscription video on demand service called Fullscreen. This service was geared towards millennials who grew up watching YouTubers and other social media influencers. 

We set out to make a personal, social, and immersive experience that felt different than the current players in the game.

The Team:
Myself: Product Designer
Sean Crebbs - Director of Product Design
Jennifer Laughlin - Product Manager
Matt Blanchard - Product Marketing

My role: Research, study of current market, conduct and observe user testing and focus groups, design and develop overall UI and UX for the web platform.


The Market (at the time)

We spent a lot of time looking at services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now/Go, YouTube, Vessel, and even Snapchat treated video consumption. Snapchat was a big influence in the social aspect of our platform since it’s main demographic is who we were aiming to please.

We took notes on what each platform was doing well, where they were missing the mark, and how could we differentiate ourselves.

The most obvious part of all this was that no matter what the experience was like, it was all about the content (which was under the control of our own original studio/along with purchased licensed content that our content team would choose from).


Who are our users?

We spent a lot of time looking at services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now/Go, YouTube, Vessel, Our users, like stated above, were millennials. A generation that grew up using cell phones, grew up using social networks, and grew up during a time of no privacy. 

We wanted to cater to all of this. We knew our platform needed to feel social, but not too social. It needed to embrace this young and care-free perspective but not take away from the content.

users collageusers collage

Mood Boards / Branding Exercises

The team spent quite a bit of time exploring the overall aesthetic and branding of the platform with our in-house brand and marketing team. It had to feel modern, young, and slightly irreverent to fit this millennial demographic. Below are some explorations I did.

mood board 1mood board 1
mood board 2mood board 2
mood board 4mood board 4

Branding in context

I spent quite some time exploring these branding ideas within the context of potential UIs. It was nice to see how all these elements would play together and if we could make this aesthetic as cohesive as an experience.

Although visually stimulating, what you see below isn't very scalable and a bit overwhelming for a consumption platform. Nonetheless, these exerciese were fun to get out of my system and move on to something a bit simpler.


User testing & focus groups

We went through rounds of focus groups and usability testing. Most of the focus groups were geared towards the types of content that our demographic enjoyed watching. Where were they consuming this content the most, and how were they consuming it? We created multiple prototypes and mocks to test our hypothesis for the UX and for general feedback on the UI.

user testinguser testing


I explored many different layout and architecture styles. Pushing the limits with what I thought the standard for video consumption could be. I whipped these up in After Effects so that I could see these mocks with motion and interaction in mind.

Marketing website

The marketing site needed to be engaging with just the right amount of information to excite potential users. We really wanted to showcase the most popular influencers that would be on the platform.

User flows / Site maps

The team went through different iterations starting all the way from an email notification, to the marketing site, through on boarding, and then through the entire trial period  experience.


Style Guide

Once we all came together on the overall visual style and branding of the product. The next step was to standardize all the components and elements. As a team we landed on a pretty consistent style guide and template for our web/devs and mobile engineers to reference.


Final product

Before I left we finalized the overall experience of the web platform to stay in parady with how our mobile platform was setup. After all was said and done, we had a solid video streaming product that allowed our users to discover content, socialize within their own community, and personalize their very own viewing experience.


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