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Like most kids, I grew up watching cartoons. I love them, and I loved drawing them. Drawing was my first passion. I thought for awhile that I would become an animator, especially after interviewing one at the Nickelodeon studios when I was in elementary school for a project. 

As I grew up and my passion turned digital, I found that I could take my illustrations even farther on the computer. These are some of my favorite personal and client pieces. 


Visit Long Beach

I was asked to do a series of illustrations for Visit Long Beach. An organization run by the Long Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote different parts of the city. 

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Girl & Pup

I made this for my girlfriend for our anniversary. We fell in love over the summer of 2012. We would go to the beach, listen to music, skateboard, and ride bikes with little Luna in the basket. I won't ever forget that summer.

Mom & Bogart

I gave this to my mom on Mother's Day. Ever since i've moved out of my parents house I could tell that my mom misses her children more and more. My parents decided to get another dog (Our dog growing up, Max, passed away a little after I moved away to university). His name is Bogart and he is my brother, and most importantly, my mom's new son.

DJ Love

I fell in love with electronic music after I had been to a few shows and festivals. Not only was I drawn to the entrancing melodies, but the massive amount of love in the air. From the DJs, to the crowd, everyone was just happy to be there, and happy to be alive enjoying music together.

The Traveler

This was a birthday present for my roommate at the time. He is very fortunate to be able to travel and go on these amazing vacations. 

Summer Upload Poster

This was a poster I created for a concert Fullscreen was throwing at VidCon 2013 in Anaheim, CA. They featured artists and musicians within the YouTube influencer community.