Establishing a refined beach lifestyle brand 

When: 2016
Role: Art Direction

I lived in Long Beach, CA for over 8 years and often shop at this little shop on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore. They always have the hottest new gear and Moe the shop's owner always gives me the local discount. 

When he approached me to help the shop with redesigning their logo, I was happy to help.

White Tee@2x-100
girl hat@2x

A mark needs to be bold, strong, and iconic. Something that can stand on it's own without letters always sitting next to it. It can be seen and instantly recognized. Something you can place on anything, and make it instantly dope. 

cursive logo@2x
the shore@2x
oil rigt@2x
lone tower@2x
NEWWAVE_shirt designs-15

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